The first 6 Star green building in Melbourne built in 2006 with a landscape designed by Phil Edwards, Director of Coolth Inc.  Now over 10 years from the original roof garden installation, Coolth  Inc. has redesigned the furniture and created two new planters with sufficient soil volumes to expand the canopy foliage area on the pergola above.  

The City of Melbourne awarded the design and construction to Coolth Inc. in October 2016.  As a design and construction project Coolth Inc. managed the development of the furniture concepts and detailed the finish in line with client needs and broader city public furniture design direction.   The seat frames were fabricated off site and skilfully assembled by our carpentry team on site.

While this process of design was evolving, our construction team commenced demolition and detailed refurbishment of the green aspects. While maintaining the existing roof garden, training the canopy to cover the pergola was our long term goal. We set out to revitalise the area of canopy cover we pruned and shaped the existing climbers. The plan for greater coverage is to be achieved by creating new, deeper soil volumes and additional climbing species.

The result has been a sustainable modern roof garden enhanced with a suite of new plants for canopy and green roof species at ground level. Improvements to the deck areas for staff and functional uses have been achieved with potential for a new suite of modern furniture.

The ultimate benefit in design construction and maintenance is that we take care of the project outcomes, like they are our own.  We know that looking after an innovative landscape takes a hands on approach to the way we design and build for the long term success of any project.  

At the end of all our projects we are committed to a scheduled maintenance program coupled with automated irrigation, managed by Coolth Inc. This ensures the ongoing certainty of success of installations for our clients. 

Photo curtesy of Melbourne Curious

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