Colliers international

An international commercial property agency visualised a vertical garden in the staff courtyard of a newly renovated mezzanine office space.  We began with consulting the organisation’s lead architect and the Melbourne office directors.  From the engagement stage we produced a series of design options from which the result was a lush vertical garden on the boundary fence and screen planters. 

Access to the outdoors or visual access to greening in the workplace is not just a fad.  For over 10 years the Green Star tool has award points for indoor air quality improvement.  An indoor vertical garden improves workplace health in many other ways.  Recent research has shown the restorative nature of greening the workplace.  Productivity can increase if workers have access to greening.  If you are thinking about indoor or outdoor greening, let us assist you to achieve it.  With minimal impact on space and high impact on the office you invest so much in.  Call Coolth Inc. today for design and construction of the most innovative systems available. 

A scheduled maintenance program coupled with automated irrigation and feeding ensures the ongoing success of the vertical garden installations. We work with you all the way to looking after the asset once in place.  

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