Engagement Design



We engage with project stakeholders, the community and general public and work hard to understand needs and opportunities. We synthesise our findings which lead to new insights and discoveries, forming the basis of our design response. Our expertise lies in our ability to combine strategic aims and important needs, together, to achieve great outcomes.

  • We design and participate in stakeholder engagement sessions

  • We listen to audience and work to build trust

  • We collect a depth of information ideas and opinions

  • We analyse and simplify information collected to support your decision making process.


Strategy & Planning



We provide practical approach to achieving your strategic goals. We undertake strategic, urban greening feasibility assessments and apply a ‘real world’ perspective to reducing project risk. Our on-ground experience supports strategy development and project planning to improve project rigour.

Driven to break the mould, we are experts in bringing new unproven ideas to life, especially in applied research and world-first innovative projects. 

  • We assess strategies, policies and action plans to determine whether strategies and plans are practical and achievable on ground

  • We provide expertise on how to achieve strategic visions, targets and goals

  • We extract research lessons and work with research teams to apply them in real world situations.




From site analysis to construction documentation, our design process is the foundation of great project outcomes. We encourage a co-design environment in which people who use the space and the people who are initiating the work come together to achieve aligned outcomes. Our skill set spans the disciplines of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Architecture, Industrial Design, Planning, Construction and Maintenance. 

Outputs of the design process can range from 2D and 3D imagery to support stakeholder engagement, design sketches to support understanding and detailed documentation to support project tendering and construction. 

We are collaborators who produce seamless designs that integrate all disciplines. Our construction and maintenance experience informs our designs, ensuring a rapid design to construction process. 

  • We produce high quality easy to understand concept, detailed and construction drawings

  • We undertake co design workshops to align users with the end design outcome

  • We specify materials, plants and processes to ensure success in construction

  • We create realistic visual drawings to support community engagement.



The construction of works relies on the skill of interpreting designs to produce the intended outcomes. The key to our construction process is deep involvement of the designers. Many of our designers actually construct their own designs, ensuring the project outcomes are realised on-ground.

Coolth Inc.'s construction project management services include coordination of trades, such as on-ground works and suppliers, management of fabricators ensuring the original design intent is carried out through to built works and program management to achieve project timeframes.

Our quality systems ensure highest project safety. We are members of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architect, and Master Landscape Registered Builder. Our safety and quality systems reinforce our commitment to safe work practices and highest quality outcomes.

  • We construct the highest quality landscapes including substrates, soils, irrigation, plants and related structures

  • We build ‘on structure’ landscape such as containerised gardens, green walls, living walls green facades and rooftop gardens

  • We provide safe and experienced builders and landscapers who have an eye for detail and the environment (and are great people-people too!).



A well designed and built project reduces the time and effort required during maintenance. Our quality maintenance processes ensure your assets look great and performs to achieve its intended strategic and operational outcomes.

Our maintenance and horticultural services improve plant health through pruning, fertilising, irrigation, as well as managing any disease in vegetation. We manage for replacement of plants due to vandalism and weather damage. 

As part of project handover we can produce easy to follow maintenance schedules to support you in managing your green infrastructure into the future.

  • We undertake highest quality horticultural maintenance to ensure your assets perform and look the best they possibly can

  • We feed nourish and look after your greenery, replacing dead or underperforming vegetation as required

  • We produce maintenance plans for you to directly manage calendar and event based visitation, fertilisation, pruning and irrigation needs.



As part of our project evaluation processes we can support your project administration needs through as-built documentation and post project evaluation reports.  In the event of project failures we offer diagnosis, trouble shooting and project remediation advice.

  • We produce clearly documented as-constructed plans to support your asset database and asset management needs

  • We undertake asset function assessment and problem diagnosis

  • We produce remediation reports to support remediation activities and inform budgeting processes.